Stylopunk – Inception


The Pioneers

The spark of Stylopunk was ignited in the innovative minds of Provash Shakhary the proud founders of Stylopunk. Driven by an urge to revolutionize the digital world, the duo embarked on the journey to curate the best-in-class mobile accessories. Their dreams resonated with their enthusiasm and as a result, Stylopunk was born to deliver customer-oriented services in the electronics industry.

The Inception

Every great journey has a humble beginning. The same is true for Provash Shakhary led to the inception of Stylopunk in May 2021. The motive was to develop products that meet the customer’s requirement. In the process, Stylopunk incorporated customer’s thoughts and needs to create a suitable product. In addition to this, our technologically-driven approach catapulted our venture to the unprecedented levels.

Our first interaction with the customers was at the Select City Walk in Saket, Kolkata. We kick started our venture by selling electronic goods And Clothing. We garnered a positive reputation as we always believe in quality. The standardization is one of the aspects that instigate us to

The Future

To survive the journey, you need to constantly innovate and revitalize yourself. We adopted a similar approach. From time to time, we launched diverse products that possess immense utility. Moreover, we always try to stay a step ahead by creating compelling designs for our products.

We initiated our journey with a tempered glass and today, we have over 400 SKU’s ranging from USB-C Hubs, Adapters, Cables, Apple MFi certified cables, Toch Light, T-shirt, Emergency Light, Qualcomm certified car chargers, wireless speakers, and much more.

In the future, we will keep launching innovative products that deliver unparalleled performance. We are here to revolutionize the electronics industry with our love for technology and an undying spirit to achieve the unconquerable.

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